We offer over 60 different practical health and safety training courses, delivered globally, covering a variety of different industry sectors including, Oil and Gas, Transport, Food and Drink, Nuclear and Renewables.


Our specialist instructors have comprehensive expertise gained from work within a range of hazardous industries. They have knowledge our clients don’t have in-house which is used to improve the safety and effectiveness of their work in challenging and dangerous spaces.



  • Intense practical training that prepares staff for real work
  • Comply with industry requirements for staff training
  • Course content is set to reflect your work conditions and we will even utilise your equipment to give a completely real simulation
  • Passionate instructors bring courses to life and offer specialist knowledge you won’t have in-house
  • Most training can be conducted on your site to allow cost savings in personnel time
  • We are an ISO9001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 certified training company which ensures quality standards in everything we do


All Courses


We offer a range of health and safety training for challenging and dangerous environments. All courses can be tailored to suit specific project, industry or business needs.

Working at Height


We provide the highest levels of training and assessment for all work at height responsibilities. The comprehensive courses we offer, deliver industry-recognised modules, conducted by our highly skilled team in fully equipped facilities that include purpose-built towers, elevated platforms and walkways.

Rigging and Lifting 


We have a wide range of courses, based on global best practice, for personnel who undertake rigging and lifting operations. Comprehensive training is offered by our expert team, which gives delegates the correct knowledge and skills to carry out rigging and lifting operations safely. Our fully equipped training facility includes rigging lofts, multiple lifting frames and props and a comprehensive range of portable lifting equipment.

Health and Safety


Our wide of range health and safety courses are designed to ensure that our candidates are provided with the knowledge and skills to work safely, identify hazards and control risks within their workplace. Comprehensive training is given across the spectrum of health and safety related topics. All training is conducted by our highly skilled team of registered professionals.

Transport and Dangerous Goods


We believe that anyone involved in the handling and transport of hazardous materials should receive the proper dangerous goods training to avoid damage, risk to people or to the environment. Delivering training to all sectors of the transport and logistics industry, our aim is to keep personnel up to date with industry best practice, current legislation and promote the importance of health and safety in association with transport and dangerous goods.

Confined Space


Our Confined Space offering is intended for delegates who require the knowledge to allow them to apply safe working practices whilst working in confined space environments. Our courses are conducted by a highly skilled and experienced team who offer specialist knowledge you won’t have in-house, helping you improve your delegates knowledge and comply with industry requirements.

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