AquaTerra Donates to Aberdeenshire Primary Pupils

AquaTerra donates high visibility jackets to Aberdeenshire Primary Pupils


AquaTerra has donated high visibility jackets to pupils from Aberdeenshire Primary Schools in support of their efforts to follow the Maggie Law Heritage Trail project.


We  supported the cause which saw pupils from three schools – Kinneff, Catterline and Gourdon –  follow the trail, and the Lost Villages project, which aims to establish a record of four ‘lost villages’ on the Mearns coastline between Catterline and Inverbervie.

When the fishermen of Gourdon in 1890 took it upon themselves to provide their own solution for rescuing local fishermen from the treturous North Sea, they built and maintained their own inshore rescue boat; the Maggie Law.

It makes perfect sense for us to support the activities of the Maggie Law museum as it highlights the importance of enhancing the safety of your peers, something that is an essential element in our line of work.

Organised by the Heritage Association these events take place throughout the year and Dave Ramsay, Project Director of the Howe o’ the Mearns Heritage Association, and the Maggie Law Museum in Gourdon, said he was delighted with AquaTerra’s generous sponsorship which has enabled the pupils to safely take part in outdoor heritage education activities.

To find out more about the Maggie Law Heritage Trail project visit: