Course Overview Course Elements

This course is designed for rigging and lifting personnel who require to be assessed to the OPITO Stage 3 or Stage 4 standard. The standard identifies the basic competencies and safety training required by the UK offshore Oil & Gas industry for personnel involved in rigging and lifting operations, generally referred to as 'Riggers'. It explains how competence shall be assessed and certified for Stage 3 or Stage 4 assessment.

Course Objectives

The practical element of the course requires each delegate to complete two exercises as the ‘Person in Charge’ (each exercise will be approximately 1½ hours duration).

Assessment will be in line with OPITO performance criteria laid down in the standard.
Delegates will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of:

  • Relevant legislation (PUWER & LOLER regulations), personal responsibilities, ACOPs, relevant standards and guidelines.
  • Awareness of Manual Handling and good Housekeeping
  • The planning of Lifting Operations
  • Team work and communication. Ability to work as part of a team
  • Different types of slings and lifting equipment
  • Equipment pre and post use inspection, including certification of equipment
  • Equipment identification and selection
  • Safe and correct use of equipment
  • Rigging principles and terminology (e.g. angles and tensions in slings, centre of gravity and security)
  • Weight identification and estimation
  • Placements of loads and disconnection of load slings
  • Appreciation of dynamic factors which could influence a lifting operation (e.g. when working on FPSO’s, MODU’s, Semi Submersibles, and construction support vessels)
  • Cross haul/transfer loads. Change lifting equipment during a lift
  • Location of centre of gravity when offset on a load
  • Movement of loads in confined spaces or with restricted access

To ensure you have an understanding of what will be required please refer to the OPITO approved standard for Rigger Competence (Stages 3 & 4). This can be found online here.

2 days
Course Duration
Max Participants


  1. You will need to have successfully completed the OPITO Stage 1 Rigging course within the last 2 years and provide a fully completed and valid logbook based on the OPITO Stage 2 Rigger Standard workplace requirements. Alternatively provide a letter from your employer confirming that you have met the equivalent of the OPITO Stage 2 Lifting Experience. 
  2. This course involves practical rigging and lifting work, working at height and manual handling. Delegates are required to be physically and mentally fit and to complete a statement of physical fitness prior to starting the course.
  3. Assessment arrangements for candidates with disabilities and/or additional support needs may be applied dependent upon the regulations adopted by the specific awarding body and in line with AquaTerra Processes.

As a minimum: 

    • Notify AquaTerra at least ten days prior to the start of their course.
    • Provide written evidence of their condition, in the form of an educational psychological assessment, specialist teacher’s assessment or similar evaluation by an educational specialist.
    • If there is any clarification required please call to discuss.