Course Overview Course Elements

To train Shippers/Cargo Agents and Acceptance staff in the Safe Transportation of Radioactive Material by Air.

Course Objectives

To ensure that personnel responsible for shipping radioactive material by air and sea can:

  • Understand and apply the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations with respect to radioactive material transport by air
  • Understand their responsibilities
  • Identify the criteria for the classification of radioactive material
  • Identify Proper Shipping Names and UN Numbers
  • Identify Radioactive material which is forbidden for air or sea transport
  • Understand and apply the information contained in the List of Dangerous Goods / Dangerous Goods List
  • Correctly pack radioactive material in the appropriate packaging
  • Mark and label packages
  • Determine Activity Limits, Criticality, Transport Index and Transport Category
  • Document shipments
  • Accept or reject a shipment based on the above
  • Recognise when additional documentation is required
  • The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • UN Numbers and Proper Shipping Names
  • Classification
  • The List of Dangerous Goods / Dangerous Goods List
  • Packing
  • Marking and Labelling
  • Documentation
  • Handling
  • Security
2 days
Course Duration
Max Participants

The Candidate must:

  • attend the entire course
  • adhere to course content and demonstrate the required practical application techniques
  • have had previous Dangerous Goods by Air or DGSA training
  • receive a 75% pass mark on the examination

Certificates awarded after successful completion of the course will be valid for a two year period after which recertification must take place.